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Swirl DesignTransform your guitar into a one-of-a-kind piece of pure art! Brilliant colors, exciting designs, many different styles to choose from!

Our pickguards are handmade out of the finest materials. We offer a wide range of styles and each one is custom made to fit! If you have questions about styles, colors, patterns or would like a custom designed pickguard contact us! Our friendly staff is here to help you!

Our pickguards are laser cut and the edges routed and hand polished to a glass finish. Most pickguard companies do not take these tedious, extra steps, but we do, we want our pickguards to be of the utmost in quality!

Visit the Gallery to see our exceptional work!
Pearl Pickguards
Stone Pickguards
Glitter Pickguards
Abstract Pickguards
Swirl Pickguards
Customized Pickguards


Just compare our edges to a plain, routed edge, and you will see that there is no comparison!

We work with each individual customer on their guards, so that the guard is made especially for them.

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Now offering PICKUP RINGS
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